Rhinestone shades or cheap sunglasses. In the email include the following information, age, handicap, true distance on driver and 7 iron, overall physical condition, and budget. These clubs were however really old when i got rid of em. I want to thank you for taking care of me, and making me a satisfied customer. The focus is on what the club looks like. My 3H was going about the same distance as the 6i and lacked the control I had with the iron today.

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I still play them. Im not saying that I think everyone should do it but I was taught golf by a pretty oldschool guy a former combat medic during WW2 to be exact and Ive always liked the practice.

Like I said, I just out grew the need for a shovel sole. We beat forward to hearing how well they work.

I played some Square Two’s and some wedges from a shameless company called TourGolfClubs who make clubs that if you saw em from 15 feet youd think they were a major brand Their clubs are great feel and look great. The same holds giggaolf for many markets. Easy ordering and great customer service.


The staff at Gigagolf were very accommodating and the repairs were masterfully done and the clubs were returned to me in a very timely manner. TRX Ti Driver I will help you the best I can. Awesome, by the way. We often choose higher quality components that increase the cost of our product.

At the end of the range session, I could feel myself getting lax with my swing, and I really lost all control with the hybrid.

Register a new account. These are a real game improvement golf club. The umbrella was not sent and they did not notify me as to why.

GigaGolf Reviews

I called them and they researched the problem and discovered they were out of umbrellas and they wouldn’t be available until January, Ebst another GigaGolf question Also going to try their mod 14 putter. I like the feel of a wrap and think the smooth grips are glgagolf too ‘flat’. They could respond to order issues when someone inquires.

I would say it probably far predates that. I recommend two component golf club companies GigaGolf and Hireko.

Best Component Golf Clubs – Professional Golf Shopper

They also wear a bit quicker which is not to say they become unplayable but they lose that nice new look pretty quick. I have been wanting to order a new set of clubs.


The competition is so persistent that, except for the logo, these browsers look and perform pretty much the same. Last bucket was back at yds with the 6i. Rhinestone shades or cheap sunglasses Still today, a expensive pair of sunglasses with a polarized lens and tigagolf frames can cost 10 times more ggigagolf a drug store pair.

Member Sacul plays some Gigagolf clubs. Now I have to update my bag – it is old, cracked pleather, and an embarrassment. By bigoakJuly 24, in Golf Talk. I will try again tomorrow. I still can’t believe I took the risk on clone clubs. The irons play very nicely. The irony bewt that some of these sets carry a brand name from companies that still have a reputation for sporting goods.