The density of a black image developed on the photosensitive drum is measured, the change in concentration is computed, and the result is used to correct the amount of black toner to supply. FAN Use it to select the fan to check. If yes, go to step The temperature of the laser unit is controlled to ensure a stable laser intensity. For the cassette rail, the list indicates the quantity for a single cassette holder. Keep in mind that copies made in normal mode will be black if you forget to turn off and then on the power switch. At this time, use the graduation [5] on the front side plate as a reference.

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The state of the sensor remains unchanged after the tray drive motor has been driven for 2 sec or more.

ON 5 laser scanner motor cooling fan FM4 drive signal l: Pickup, Feed, and Separation Rollers When mounting each roller, be sure that the round marking [1], [2], [3] is at the copier’s rear. Paper Deck H. Check the scraper for deformation; if necessary, replace it. PUMP-ON Use it to impregnate the felt with oil by running the fixing oil pump for about 10 min when replacing the oil applying felt.

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Canon CLC 1120 Service Manual

To increase the registration along the front, turn the adjusting screw counterclockwise. The developer has deteriorated.

HP 6 not used 5 not used 4 not used 3 not used 2 not used 1 pre-cleaning paper sensor PS71 signal 1: This assembly does not include the part shown with key No. Kindly make arrangements so that the old document may be replaced with the one being released.

ATT-N1 Use it to adjust the attraction charging bias for For this mode, you will find single-sided copying and copying on the 1st side 11120 a settings grouped into three double-sided copy using plain paper. A 3R, clx 3: Generating the Image Leading C. Clean them if soiled with toner.

Code Cause Timing of detection E The discussions that follow are xx indicates a heater. If you operate the deck without matching the paper level indicator and the deck lifter, you can damage the drive system of the paper level indicator.

At this time, use the graduations [5] on the front side plate as a guide.

Canon A Developer, CLC , , , , – Cyan Genuine

ON 4 not used 3 original exposure system cooling fan 1 FM1 half speed drive signal 1: Cc is at the lower measurement limit. Check the fixing motor M5. Page – II. At this time, use the graduation [5] on the front side plate as a reference. Be sure to adjust laser power before starting to adjust the laser.


ON priint push-up solenoid SL3 drive signal 0: The laser is faulty. Operations Page Page – A. Bk The notations used herein means the following: Be sure to turn off and then on the power switch. Enter a fine-adjustment value for the transfer delay on side B of the transfer drum.

A full turn causes a shift of about 0. Adjusting the Fixing 8.

Clc 1120 not renewing service contract

Orientation of the Duplexing Feed Roller and the Duplexing Separation Roller When mounting the feed roller [1], be sure that the round marking [2] is at the copier’s front. If a white area is foggy, suspect a fault in the developing system or the photosensitive drum, or wrong adjustment dlc the laser. The fixing lower roller does not have any special marking. Do not clean the grid plate.

In the case of ‘2’, ‘3’, or ‘4’ for remote printing without a card, the copy data controller card counter will not be incremented.