Monitor 16 strain gauges , balanced bridges like pressure transducers or voltage signals. However, with Windmill you can collect data from your device and send it in real-time to other software like Excel. By default these will be in the data directory, wherever you installed Windmill. For some devices you can choose some of their settings in ConfIML. If in doubt choose Read in the Background.

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What sort of Instruments can serrial Read with Windmil Includes Windmill data acquisition software for logging, charting, output control and direct data transfer to Excel. With a flexible approach to building command strings, and parsing the received data strings to extract data values, the majority of analytical instruments are supported.

These include such diverse equipment as electronic balances used in a laboratory, GPS receivers used in the field and data loggers used in process plant.

Special Offers Measuring pH. Enter this in the window to authorise your software. Please state the steps you have taken so far, any error messages and as much information as possible about your instrument. However, if in Logger you enter the full directory path rather than just seral file name then the log file will be stored there.

Extracting Data from the reply: Use ComDebug to enter your serial settings. Product Sections Data Acquisition Hardware: Select Add Channel and type a name. These include altimeters, balances, conductivity meters, data loggers, dial guages, digital indicators, digital thermometers, DMR, extensometers, fluorometers, force gauges, gas analysers, GPS, gyro compasses, hygrometers, I2C devices, ion gauges, load comkml, motion sensors, multimeters, myographs, oxygen electrodes, particle analysers, pH meters, PIC microcontrollers, plcs, pressure transmitters, power analysers, RFID readers, thermoregulators, titrators, seriial panel array controllers, sonar and water baths.

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The casualties include legitimate USB device drivers. To enable you to test whether Windmill will work with your device, you can download a free copy of comDebug!

The Message screen lets you send commands and data to the instrument, and view the reply. You need to make sure that your converter’s serial settings match those of Windmill or vice versa. It can send serlal 2s complement integers, unsigned integers, single bits of data, floating point etc.

Versatile Data Logging over Ethernet and Internet. If necessary move the.

Windmill Software: Serial Driver for RS, RS, RS and Modbus Devices

The steps below will work with any device. You can fill in a form at the bottom of this to request our assistance. Fill in your device’s communication settings. This should be unique and not be duplicated across instruments. Graphics for process mimics; Alarm Logger for alarm coomiml by telephone or over a network; Windmill Remote for data acquisition over comimp internet and IML Tools serual programming your own Visual Basic applications.

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If in doubt choose Read in the Background. Optional Extras You can expand your system by choosing any of the optional Windmill software modules, including: The Initialisation message is sent only once when the instrument is first switched on: In some systems, under Windows 7, occasionally the USB connection drops in which case Windmill will show Error 22 – transmission timeout error.

Subscribe to Monitor for more articles and tutorials Email: For instance, if you have set Windmill to continually acquire data you must make sure that your USB-to-Serial converter is continually providing data and not buffering it. The software will be e-mailed to you and so there are no shipping charges.

Windmill Software Ltd

See above for quick answers, and these pages for more detailed articles. Comijl can control both those serial devices that continuously output messages, and those that require commands before supplying data. You can expand your system by choosing any of the optional Windmill software modules, including: For those instruments that require it, you can send an acknowledgement when the reply is received.