With the 5 meter cable, the current limits are lower and no more than two of three LEDs should be on at the same time. This output is only present when an option other than No switch has been selected. It will then sound with the given frequency and turn on and off for the Buzzer on time and Buzzer off time respectively for the number of times indicated by the Buzzer repeat count parameter. The buzzer is triggered on a rising edge at this input. BuildNumber ; break ; case BuildStatus. The buzzer is triggered whenever this input changes. The resolution of the flash on and off times, as well as the flash phase delays, is determined at model start in order to provide the best accuracy possible for the requested times.

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Build notification light using Redis and a Delcom Visual Indicator – i-think Twenty-Two

The block inherits the sample time by default. If this input is positive at model start then the LED flashing will be synchronized in the first sampling instant.

This is what the light can do: I chose to set up the incicator fields for each colour light:. The Delcom Visual Indicators come with an optional internal switch. The buzzer will go on and off for the number of times specified by this parameter.

It supports the optional buzzer and internal switch configurations as well. Self powered from the USB port. This output is only present when an option other than No deldom has been selected. I had great plans to make it flash when I received a call on Lync, and to generally help me keep track of the health of the project I was working on.


Typical current consumptions are shown in the table below:. The work I needed to do involved automating the interaction with the UI, a task I was already familiar with and to do it within the application itself, a breeze.

Build notification light using Redis and a Delcom Visual Indicator

The intensity of the blue LED as a fraction between Choose the USB cable length; either 2 or 5 meter. The intensity of the yellow LED as a fraction between I decided to leave the buzzer and switch control as an exercise for another day as these were not essential to my plans and the buzzer would likely annoy me.

The test opens an attached Delcom light and runs through the available functionality by turning it solid greed, red and blue and then flashing each color.

Of course, this was only part of ddlcom battle. It has not been tested on Windows but should work provided that node-hid can be installed.

Inicator Delcom Visual Indicator block can count the number of times a rising or falling edge has occurred on the switch since the last time the block was invoked, even between sampling instants.

If the Enable synchronize input parameter is checked then they are also programmed each time a rising edge is seen on the sync input.


Buzzer frequency tunable online. The switch can be read via software and be programmed to send events. However, there is no benefit in doing so because the LEDs are always synchronized at model start.

Genuine Delcom s USB HID Rgy/blink Visual Signal Indicator | eBay

Link to this page. A rising edge is defined as the input rising from a negative or zero value to a positive value. A Build Light indicator for TeamCity that utilizes this library to show the status of builds. The buzzer is actuated via software control. Whether rising or falling edges are detected is selected by the Switch parameter. Getting the build status Of course, this was only part of the battle. Choose the enclosure color; white or black.

After using this to store some configuration information for some tests to great success I thought about using Redis to provide an interface into the inner workings of my build light.

Genuine Delcom 904007-s USB HID Rgy/blink Visual Signal Indicator

The input port labels will change accordingly. Choose the wire entry style. The center indicatot is best for pole mounting where the USB cable is to be hidden within the mounting pole.