One bump engages the holder at one height. In the course of our short marriage to the scanner, we scanned everything from prints to film. Meanwhile, let’s review how this game is played and the features that matter. Start button on top and Power button below. A Quick Start guide is ideal for those who do not want to wade through the electronic manual. Different settings can have a significant effect on sharpness well, either you have it or you don’t.

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It’s not the fully functioning version – for that you’ll need to buy it separately or get the V upgrade.

Epson V Replacement for Epson V | B&H Photo Video

That said, we felt the differences were marginal at equivalent resolutions but to get the most out of the V it’s necessary to go all out and scan at dpi. Or simply better holders. Perfwction when you dial in the fact that you can scan almost anything you can fit onto the glass platen, as epspn to dedicated scanners, which have a fixed scanning format, it all adds up to make the V simply superb. Epson sells this scanner in two versions: Just above the Power button, the scanner light indicates the scanner’s status, flashing red for an error, green when working and steady green when ready to scan.

EPSON scanner – interactive review. Batch scanning with these applications phoyo been a bit more trouble than with the manufacturer supplied software which knows just where the holders put the images.


We scanned our copy print several times using several different techniques. Film holders Epson have catered well for the film user with four holders and a flexible 10×8 film area guide for those with odd shape film It’s the perfect choice for serious photo enthusiasts. On the hardware epspn, scanning with the V is simple.

It seems like this is becoming an annual event, a year ago I reviewed the Epson scanner, the year before it was the If you look at the bottom of a film holder at either end of the slots for the height adjusters, you’ll see two symbols: Middle shows medium format negative holder.

Following a trend we really like, the Epson V package includes a large poster titled “Start Here” to guide you through the installation in just half a dozen steps:.

Epson Perfection V700 Photo

Our negatives were generally low contrast, so single pass scanning was sufficient to hold highlights and see what detail there was in the shadows. The pboto, when reversed to latch into the same hole, engages at another height. Which defines state of the art and explains why we’ve had no problem recommending it to anyone who has asked what’s the best scanner to buy.

And VueScan does have a batch scan option, phot it isn’t automated you have to crop each image individually. Note also the upside down thumb lift at top right for easy removal of the holder from the bed. You can unsubscribe at any time with a click on the link provided in every Epson newsletter. There’s no magic prfection setting, we found. Scanners tend to have a very shallow depth of field and why not since everything they scan is rather thin? Our experience with the Epson Perfection V has been a happy one.


That image was short with a view camera using a studio setup, not much of a challenge to scan ;erfection reproduce well. Both images printed well with more detail and better color than our Cibachromes.

This one left the most curl in the film, too. They each have an embossed arrow on them to indicate which of two options they have been positioned in. Epson has been pushing dedicated film scanner, scan quality for some years and perrfection, with the V the results are certainly better than most dedicated film scanners. The big question though is whether the V is worth buying.

We matched the HP settings.

Epson V Scanners | eBay

With one of the highest scan resolutions available in a desktop model at dpi and a dual lens phoot that can digitize a slide at dpi in a minute, that’s no surprise. And the holder system uses plastic pins on the right side of the document bed to align the holders on the platen. None of them were outright failures, but the last was a real winner, adding contrast without losing detail.