To confirm this problem: Thanks for your support. If you do not include your database user name and password, DB2 authenticates your database access by using your operating system user credentials. The component managed alias on the data source is not valid. Go to the Manage WebSphere Variables panel.

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IO Exception opening socket to server bs8. Verify that they are correct.

Solved: Failed to initialize the connection that uses the – SmartBear Community

Watson Product Search Search. You have two options to solve the problem.

Error codes for JDBC driver issues are in the ranges to and from to Kerberos login error occurs while connecting to the database If you are using the following conmection of scenarios, a kerberos log-in error occurs while trying to connect to the database. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled.

As far as i know we have to place all the external jar files in “. Also if you consider whether the title of your post is relevant? At command prompt run ‘java -version’ to ensure it’s picking up appropriate JDK rather than other versions of Java 5.

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From these nodes, DB2 can find the host name and port number where your database is hosted.


Data access problems for DB2 databases

Since this connection type does not access the database directory for your client, ensure that you specify the host name, port number, and database name parameters that are needed to locate the database. When the utility completes running, a detailed report is generated that indicates whether a successful database connection can be established with the specified connection parameters. How to run only testcases with a specific tag, in Groovy to run a specific test step and then ab It didn’t work in ext.

This error can resemble the following error message, which is generated in the log file from the WebSphere Commerce database validation utility: DB2 uses this mapping to connect you to the DB2 client for your database.

None of the above, continue with my search. If you cannot access the client environment, include the following DB2 instance owner user profile into the WebSphere Commerce non-root user profile: Upgrade to DB2 Version 8. Validate the component managed alias on the data source.

Troubleshooting: Database connectivity for DB2 databases

Rebind the packages in the bnd directory as follows: The bean method looks up these persistence context items from the JNDI and by that time, the bean should be running in the correct security context because the EJB container has called the security collaboration APIs. The following error occurs: By including overrides, you can configure how utility is to establish a connection, regardless of the specified input parameters.


Look for an application handle that has a lock-wait status, and then look for the ID of the agent holding lock to verify the ID of the agent. Run the WebSphere Commerce database connection validation utility Validate the DB2 client environment access Validate the database connection acquisition framework configuration Validate that a database connection can be established with the JDBC type 4 and type 2 drivers Validate the WebSphere Application Server database connection Common connectivity errors.

Go to the Manage WebSphere Variables panel.

If RR is your chosen isolation level, it is effectively downgraded to RS. This registry is used to map a database name, such as “mall”to the actual database on a server. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. You can encounter database connectivity issues when you are connecting to a DB2 database to create instances, apply fix packs, or when you run many WebSphere Commerce utilities.

For example, the following command includes the URL in the database parameter for the database cleanup utility command: DB2Driver was not found or available. The solution is to use jt