The frame is stamped steel so it should benefit from some damping with ductseal. So my all-tube system suddenly became all solid-state! These have a large flared port with a 1 inch radius to eliminate vent noise. Yes, my password is: It’s efficiency is the same as the FEE, but the top end doesn’t look as controlled in comparison. I just wasn’t able too.

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I have unlimited supply to either? Oct 20, at 3: I have the 10 inch in a big cabinet and they sound fantastic with the Beatles Remasters.

I hate to do this. FE127E

May I suggest the driver’s from Dave Merrill. There are some good solid state sircuits out there. No, create an account now. J U Stone likes this. Log in or Sign up. I like how they sound but of course I know they can be improved upon.

Fostex FE127E Specifications

Lansing Alnico 8 inch speakers which are rather rare to come by. As you can see, the parameters measured do not match very closely with those published by the manufacturer. I still consider them the best I’ve ever built and sound even better after a couple hundred hours have been plowed into them.


Also, take a look at this thread for FEE modifications. KT88Oct 4, The terminal connectors are all brass gold plated binding posts and ful accept spades, banana plugs or up to 4 AWG wire.

Fostex E Full Range – a case for DIY | Steve Hoffman Music Forums

Just not this one. Fostex fullrange drivers I’ve heard so far are extremely mellow and colored, only suitable for people who are after that kind of sound, imo. Can someone give me a honest, and strait answer Do you already have an account? Does that mean, He agrees with me? The problem I see with DIY is that most of the available circuits aren’t that great.

I’m not sure on that one.

Do you already have an fosyex If you love high quality sound but don’t have a lot of spare change, I recommend taking a basic electronics tech course and diving into the world of DIY audio.

I also considered the Jordan JX92S but they are out of my current budget.


Post 1 of 6. The results shown below are the average of four drivers which were very closely matched. Log in or Sign up.

Note – this driver has been discontinued and is no longer being produced.

However it can be expensive fhll to track down the right parts and frustrating getting a circuit to work just right. SpallsJan 13, I recently purchased a pair of FEE’s. It is magnetically shielded for use near television or CRT monitor. Either way, I now feel like I’m making a “Donkey’s rear end of myself”. They have little bass below 80 hz so I added a powered sub under each of them which is a bit unorthodox but the sound is incredible.

The terminal connectors are all brass gold plated binding posts and will accept spades, banana plugs or 4 AWG wire.