Jaunty still has libfprint 0. The “Fingerprint PAM” does not work for login and unlocking kscreensaver due to a bug in kdm and kscreensaver on some systems. Per a decision made by the Ubuntu Kernel Team, bugs will longer be assigned to the ubuntu-kernel-team in Launchpad as part of the bug triage process. Refer the following screenshots for easier steps. Partners Support Community Ubuntu. None, the status of the bug is updated manually. Cause if you have, then it is a lot easier to track down the problem.

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Uprk an encrypted home directory needs a password to decrypt when a user logs in. I’ve tried every thread and posting to get this to work. I have tried it today, thanks a lot for your work!

Current Version 1.09

I would prefer no to. The Ubuntu Karmic repo currently contains libfprint 0. Hi Aryan Pourbaghery J.!

Though it is not considered as good security system for a laptop login, still some specific applications utilize this feature for identification and authentication. See How to enable the linyx fingerprint reader.

No such file or directory Any recommendation you care to provide is much appreciated. Jaunty still has libfprint 0.


Thanks to this project my fingerprint reader works now. Jim Lieb lieb on Kernel is Linux 2. They work with the bioapi 1. Unsupported series, setting status to “Won’t Fix”. The network manager icon does not appear until disabling fingerprint button.

Integrated Fingerprint Reader – ThinkWiki

It worked for me, but after enabling upeo login button, i could not use the wireless network!! If you are a developer of one of the projects not working with Fingerprint GUI linus have special knowledge that can help to fix one of the bugs, you are invited to contact me. Passwords are stored in your head – your finger print is stored on every surface you touched FingerprintAuthentication last edited Please let me know about any further information you need and I will gladly provide it.

By the way, further investigation seems to lead to the fact that the device is made by UPEK. Please keep us posted on any further updates you may come across. You can leave a responseor linxu from your own site.

UPEK Eikon

Various models since then have had this feature, actually implemented with a number of different devices, all of which appear on the USB bus. Thank you for your detailed instructions.

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It is still experimental, so it is not too reliable, but something started. And besides, the sensor become very hot after a while. Could someone give me a clue on how could I build fingerprint-gui on CentOS 6.

But when I checked with upeksonly module code one which supports UPEK Touchstrip sensor-only modelsthe supported device table does not list my model e: Summary Users should be able to use Fingerprint readers for authenticating themselves, using the BioAPI framework, for example for login or sudo.

It should show a fingerprint animation asking you to swipe your finger to test it against the stored one.

dsd’s weblog » Blog Archive » UPEK TouchStrip Sensor-only (e) on Linux

Please let us know immediately if this newer 2. Duplicates libux this bug Bug Bug Bug I have the same problem. Hi I have F16 x64 and Bus Device