As the app revolution unfolds, HP will no doubt benefit from all the additional storage devices needed. I am always a little bit shocked when I find a profitable technology company that has net debt on the balance sheet, as Nuance does. That raises the risks. They supply components to the iPad. The key is to buy internet companies when they are working to empower their user base and to sell them soon after they shift to protecting their own interests. And social-networking, like most things on the Internet, is mostly a winners-takes-all kind of business.

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Alcatel-Lucent provides products, solutions and transmission services that enable voice, video, and data to be transported over the Internet. Novellus has customers that are still growing though, and as the cycle turns back up in another year or two, Novellus will likely see all-time high in revenues and earnings. While telecom equipment is usually thought of as a commoditized business, Ericsson has seen its pricing power increase as its customer base clamors for the stuff that will let them deliver apps and videos wirelessly.

MIPS already has big exposure and experience in the automotive chipset business, and we can look forward to seeing MIPS-based dashboards in our cars running Android GPS and voice recognition services for us. Should be good for pricing next year.

Its analog chips interface between the digital and analog world, such as say, taking your voice and turning it into bits and bytes that are then sent wirelessly to someone on another handset where another analog chip turns those bits and bytes into sound for their lovitech to process.

Any router upgrade cycle, and they are happening logtiech an ever more rapidly these days, will see Juniper taking a healthy piece of the action.


The company is expanding into Asia and the rest of the world, even as it continues to show huge growth domestically as logittech move to the cloud. Dell Inspiron intel Core iU The list of companies that had the lead in a booming industry and gave logitfch away is endless.

Over the next 5 years, Nvidia graphics products will be in smartphones, tablets, and whatever other mobile gizmo Steve Jobs comes up with and everyone else knocks off. The stock is up big on some earnings surprises and optimism from the merger, but in the end it will be stuck looking backward and tending to its legacy product line. The problem is that they keep having to guide the next quarter lower than Wall Street keepsprojecting.

Logitech Key Board- K

logitfch It has 80, employees and over the years has owned major stakes in defense companies, nuclear power companies, and even a railroad signaling division; you can count on management destroying shareholder value with more disparate investments like these. At less than 8 times forward earnings, its not a bad buy here although I would prefer FNSR who is the leader in the group.

Cisco sells all kinds of networking products to help connect computers to the Internet. I think that concern is more than priced in at the current quotes. Its never-ending network upgrade cycle should pay big dividends soon, with the rollout of 4G LTE nationwide—just in time for the mass lgoitech of smartphones that is underway.

Its efforts with Google TV have fallen flat and the search giant has escaped the brunt of criticism—which has been left for Logitech.

Corporate Info About ipmart. Solid Bare Copper Color Code: LinkedIn Corporation operates an online professional network. But not enough to get me excited about the future upside here. Google not only provides the most frequently used search engine for the World Wide Web, they also own one of the two main platforms that apps run on: Almost fifteen years ago, I used to be a stockbroker for one of the founders of EMC.


And lucky for you, Lohitech. You have seen the scenario played out repeatedly since Netscape first ushered the internet revolution into the public markets more than a decade ago.

Those high-margin mobile devices should keep the company solvent for a long time to come though. The company offers a wide range of data, voice, and security products to companies, carriers, and service providers world wide. Quarter after quarter of disappointment has Wall Street quartering its sales forecast to 6.

Vistaprint NV is an online provider of marketing products and services to micro businesses worldwide. Sanmina-SCI Corporation provides integrated electronics manufacturing services worldwide. VZ will also likely be the first to offer a family data plan, a strategy in voice that helped Verizon lock up wide swaths of American cellphone users for the better part of a decade.

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At some point, someone actually has to assemble all mobile devices being dreamt up the world over. The answer was always that the company would need to start taking market share and to drive loitech itself, helping to grow the overall industry. However, weak guidance in their March earnings report caused the stock to plummet and it took the whole group with it.