The Logitech R speakers are great for people who don’t want to spend a large price for speakers and just want the basic features, the sound quality is excellent for the price as well. Hi, the R is not a current model in our range unfortunately. Then some time later the sound in the right speaker disappeared and the sub and the left speaker were fine, by this time we thought we better take it back whilst still in warranty. Great sound and great for listening music,playing games or even watching a movie – lack of bass control. I am very satisfied with this purchase. Ryan asked on Jan 17, They have lasted me for around 4 years and are still going strong whichh i think is excellent.

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Here is the link to our range of speaker products in Australia http: Logitech replied on Jan 18, ,ogitech I have it for 1 and the half year and logitech r20 speakers still the best speakers i ever have.

Logitech R Speaker System | Product overview | What Hi-Fi?

Hi, the R is not a current model logitech r20 speakers our range unfortunately. Great sound and great for speakwrs music,playing games or even watching a movie.

Ryan asked on Jan 17, I’m in Perth, WA, which stores sell this? I bought them for use with laptop presentations and the sound quality of movies and some music is fine for a small group. Would consider other options though if you were highly into gaming. I must say though if you’re a serious gamer or love to play great music then paying logitech r20 speakers bit more and going for a 5. Overall I would say for the basic user it would suffice quite well.


They appear to be of quite good quality logitech r20 speakers, and they have a really good sound My son is very happy with these speakers, in fact I would go so far to say he absolutely loves them. The quality is fine for the purpose – as presenation support. Where in Aus can I buy these speakers?

Write a review on ProductReview. This product has been logitech r20 speakers by Logitech.

Logitech R Speaker System specs | What Hi-Fi?

Best value I have spent for gaming on my PC. He loves the sound of the woofer which is great for games making him feel as if he is actually in the game Deals Direct logitech r20 speakers sell them but are out of stock. I am very satisfied with this purchase. Companies can’t alter or remove reviews from ProductReview.

The store I bought them from only had pink ones left and I wanted logitech r20 speakers buy them immediately. Just remember to go into the settings in windows and slide logitech r20 speakers Bass and Treble settings up higher so you can get some good top end and also more bass out of the sub-woofer.


It wpeakers play music and video with a decent quality.

Logitech R Computer Speakers. Hi Ryan, I am not logitech r20 speakers if this product can still be bought in shops, it is probably now an old model.

Logitech R-20 Speaker System specifications

Ebay though have about four logitech r20 speakers them, all second hand. Your trust is our top xpeakers. The sound is better than that from the laptop or the digital projecor. Might upgrade to 5.

I live in a flat which means I don’t have a great deal of space to fill with sound. I’m in Perth WA, wich stores sell these? The sound quality is excellent given the size of the speakers logitech r20 speakers I love the versatility of being able to plug them into my laptop or iPod.

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