The setUp method for this test case is defined as follows:. With the first test complete, it’s time to move on to testing the second scenario. Extending Mockrunner Many of the applications I’ve developed over the past couple of years have used a combination of Struts and the Spring Framework. In this example, you can assume the user has input a valid search string, which leaves two primary test scenarios: You now have a complete out-of-container test case for the SearchAction. Check out the release for an example. Mockrunner, once again, provides you with the tools to create isolated tests with a minimal amount of coding and configuration.

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The diagram in Figure 1 shows a high-level view of how the classes in the various categories relate. The mock SearchService is configured to expect its searchCatalog method be invoked and return a List containing mocktunner result. In this example select balance unambiguously identifies the single select statement of the application.

mockrunner – Java, SQL and jOOQ.

Future versions of jOOQ will allow for:. The challenges are even greater in the context of a J2EE application where the container manages many of the collaborating objects.

Under each technology type you will find two different versions of the adapters: Finding that ratio can be grounds for heated, religious discussions. This example class simulates a bank. Its comprehensive API support makes Mockrunner a compelling tool as it provides a consistent framework for testing your applications from end to end.


It can be used to transfer an amount of money from one account to another. The SearchAction retrieves the user input from a subclass of ActionForm to determine the user’s query. Luckily, Mockrunner provides you with the tools to easily create tests that run out-of-container and independently of any external configuration. Here is a working modified version of your test: Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. In the first test jrbc simulate the case that the account id does not exist, i.

The connection is established, but I only get an empty result set. The jdbf Mockrunner distribution does not provide support for Spring, however, this capability can be easily added by writing a simple extension to the framework.

Future versions of jOOQ will allow for: I think you’ll find Mockrunner to be a useful addition to your test-driven development toolbox.

mockrknner Under each technology type you will find two different versions of the adapters:. For the purposes of the test, the actual contents of the list are irrelevant. This content has been marked as final. Normal statements work as expected, too.

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The setUp method for this test case is defined as follows: Unit testing your data access When databases are involved, people will probably quickly jump to writing integration tests, because all they have mocmrunner do is create a little Derby, H2 or HSQLDB or other test database, and run a couple of data-setup queries prior to the actual test. These categories do not necessarily denote a particular object hierarchy, but rather represent a conceptual grouping.


Next, the actionPerform method is called which sets the runtime into motion and invokes the action’s execute method. You may find the non-basic versions to be useful in situations where you are testing a class that mixes multiple J2EE technologies. There are methods specific to PreparedStatement objects: Obtaining a reference to this class can be done either by subclassing one of Spring’s Action extensions or by using its WebApplicationContextUtils class. Most developers involved in enterprise Java mocktunner are quite familiar with writing JDBC code to access a relational database.

Let’s begin by looking at a simple Action class used to search an online catalog. Despite the simplicity of the example, it still illustrates several concerns common to most JDBC code.

Download mockrunner-jdbc JAR 1.1.2 with all dependencies

This page provides a quick overview over the JDBC test framework. The topic of mock objects is often mockrunner point of confusion for those new to test-driven development, so before diving into the details of Mockrunner, it would be best to make sure you have an understanding of what exactly is a mock object.

When these database integration tests pile up, it starts to become increasingly difficult to shield them off one another.