Related Articles Here are a few other articles that you might enjoy as well It’s all these little changes that make videocards so fascinating The Gigabyte GV-3D1 videocard was the unquestioned performance leader in this roundup, but things get a little confused when it comes to the overall value the card provides. Maybe worth a shot. Thu Apr 06, 9: Also it’s overclocking abilities were quite shocking, leading us to believe that ASUS has slipped a ‘ringer’ GT core into the mix.

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Isn’t that that Oblivion framerate fix, I think it only works for vsync, so maybe just turn vsync off.

PassMark – GeForce GT – Price performance comparison

I’ve noticed that with nVidia drivers, with a couple of different cardssomething. Fri Apr 07, It was close, but this card’s combination of decent price, good core overclocking, great memory overclocking and solid abp and SLI performance carried the day.

If you are planning to upgrade your video card soon, consider moving to a PCI Express based system at the same time. Mzi Apr 07, 3: It’s an unusual card, mdi it might not sell too many units because of the limited range of boards it can be fully used with, but nothing touches it when it comes to performance, whether in single or SLI mode.


To be frank, watching a movie on the computer is ok when you’re by yourself, but it’s not as fun as watching one on a large TV screen with friends and family. Our conclusions then – SLI has some excellent potential, and the nVidia Geforce GT graphics processor provides an amazing 6600g platform for it. Thu Apr 06, 6: About Us Employment Privacy Policy.

Are your other non-vid card drivers all up to date? That has happened with the Gefoce GT, but the mainstream cards mssi today offer a much more value than the mainstream cards of yesterday ever did. Jan 10, Posts: It’s annoying, and it’s Nvidia’s fault, because they introduced the bug in the 80 series drivers. I never had any issues.

Everytime I put new ones on after a certain release point they would cause my computer to go into an endless re-boot cycle.

GeForce 6600 GT

Though it is based on the core, ASUS’ decision to boost the core and memory speeds paid off with a big performance increase, moving it close to full GT territory.

DriverGuru Senator et Subscriptor Tribus: If you have an older card, esp. Sucks I know but it worked for me.

The coolbit is just a registry tweak to display additional options in the nVidia panel, so I guess its not a bad idea for anyone to install it. Thu Apr 06, 9: Beginners Guides Cases and Access.

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The MSI card overclocked slightly better and had a more comprehensive bundle packaged with it, while the Gigabyte model came with newer games. The single setting under this section is ‘Max frames to render ahead’. I figured out the problem, my MOBO drivers were mso and incompatible.

Change “Max Frames to render ahead” from 3 to 0. Privacy policy and Terms of Use. We couldn’t help noticing all of these cards’ higher prices and lack of SLI though.

Videocards follow the same pattern but just as often a small revolution takes place. The cards that led in the first test were still leading in the last. Beginners Guides Cases and Access. Catch all of PCstats latest hardware reviews right here. I’d have to hunt down mobo qgp but that might be it.