All a checked, but no hdmi audio at all. These plugins may allow for e. It was a major improvement in the GPU area, but had some instability problems. Thanks for the tip re aplay and alsamixer will try those. From a terminal window please run: Using the wrong device may send audio to a black hole, or may send incorrectly configured audio to an active monitor.

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A single ALSA device is exposed. If you are not satisfied with the product and the service, just ask for a full refund. What did you UnMute m4rco?????

Download Asus M3N-HT Deluxe/HDMI NVIDIA nForce MCP78 Chipset Driver for XP, Vista Free

Thanks a lot for sharing! Mccp78 now installed Nvidia Nvidia hdmi nvidia mcp78 running Nvidia Second GPU configuration with 8-channel support, multi-stream.

Once you have identified the ALSA device number of your monitor, test simple playback using speaker-test and then aplay:. This patch is included in Linux kernel 3.

D If anybody gets sound with hdmi, share here with us! I would recommend getting one or both of the MythTV books nvidia hdmi nvidia mcp78 using the wikis etc. I’ve read a lot of posts, that confirm that hdmi audio is working with nvidia drivers It’s worth a shot.

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I screwed up and loaded the kernel updates What was I thinking, and I didn’t even save a backup copy and all nvidia hdmi nvidia mcp78 work up to that point was forever wiped out. Furthermore, there will hhdmi be evidence of at least some supported audio formats.

nvidia hdmi nvidia mcp78 The regression was fixed by the following commit: In these chipsets, the multiple 2-channel converters are aggregated by the ALSA driver and exposed as a single nvidia hdmi nvidia mcp78 device. Hi, Just found nviddia thread and it’s great to know there’re others out there struggling with this too. PCM, AC-3, ‚Ķsample- or bit-rate e. I have had the most luck with Mythbuntu and it seems they keep that more up-to-date than the Mythdora option but I am much more comfortable with Fedora than Ubuntu.

HDMI Audio Driver Driver

Changed to single-field numbering scheme. Marco, Before you try the whole list out, make sure to put the module line in a file nvidia hdmi nvidia mcp78 is the file that your OS loads sound card modules from. I have an asus g1s. Hi marco, I’m Brazilian too, but this forum is in english, so I’ll type in english. A controller may transfer multiple streams of data at once, e.


The routing may change following attempts to play multiple audio streams at once.


Converters Responsible for formatting a digital PCM audio stream into some other format. You might also ask for help in the ubuntu-bugs irc channel on Freenode. Shouldn’t this sound nviida work on the tv with the RCA anyway?

Rolling back to was the only thing I found to make video work well, nvidua between here and the nvidia hdmi nvidia mcp78 forums, it seems to be coming to a consensus amongst us poor saps using the ALSA creates an audio stream for each pin widget.

This was implemented by the following commit:. How is the Video playback using 1.

NVIDIA High Definition Audio Drivers Update in Windows 7

vnidia It is important that bug reports be filed about source packages so that people interested in the package can find the bugs about it. But i don’t necessarily need digital audio ports?

The audio driver did not implement the workaround in all cases.