Details, datasheet, quote on part number: The cyclonic action not only extends the life of the filter, but it also does a better job of filtration, extending maintenance times. Since the default driver is supported by most the OS, no additional driver is needed. Coming up from the differential is a hose that connects to the reservoir, which is half-full of hydraulic fluid. Lifting the Tines on the Billy Goat Aerator. Reduces fatigue, increases productivity and provides enhanced traction while aerating on hills. When released the tining action stops and the tines drag across obstacles in the aeration path for uninterrupted aeration and increased productivity.

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An example of the program is below, for more information about the program, download the PCLinq2 manual. Right off the trailer, we tackled a 1-acre lawn, putting the Billy Goat aerator to good use. Creates x more holes than drum models in one pass.

Profilic PL-2501 Free Driver Download

Simple, Intuitive Hydro-Drive Controls Feature variable speed self-propelled rear wheel drive and front casters allowing speed to be feathered with fingertip control. The chip will communicate with the connected device to select the proper mode to obtain the best performance, The chip is implemented according to the USB Bulk-Only Mass Storage Class specification ver 1. The tines engagement crankshaft mechanism require grease at several obvious locations.


This is not terribly inconvenient, but something that Billy Goat should look into for future improvements.

PCLinq2 (PL) Hi-Speed USB Bridge Cable – USB Link Cable

Next Gen PL Ser. KK60 Multilayer Chip Capacitors. In other words, if you are traveling at full-speed, the density of aerations will be less than if the speed is decreased. Having a love of automobiles that stems from his father’s racing days, Tim has spent a lifetime around cars and trucks. The RO is designed.

This website uses cookies to improve your experience. RF Microwave ; Frequency Range: One concern we have is that you have to lift the water tank first before pl22501 can open the primary hood covering the engine. When depressed, ol2501 orange lever releases the tines from the lifted locked position and engages the tining action. Cleaner air coming in means cleaner oil.

For the best combination of productivity, operator comfort, superior aeration results, variable hole density and remarkably low maintenance in its class, the PL Ser.

Download Nulled WordPress Themes. From restoring and renovating them as well as fixing them when they break, Tim always has a tool handy. This VAD system allows the Billy Goat aerator to create x more holes than a drum-style aerator in a single pass.

Full forward speed tops out at just 4mph, while pl2051 is not quite as fast.

Eliminates double aerating and offers ability to do patch repair and seed bed prep in one pass. After finishing nearly a full acre, we only had 0.


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At least one product must be displayed. Keeping the front casters stationary allows for straighter paths, but it also requires a little more input while turning. Maximum Output current IOM: In short, Vanguard has totally redesigned their single cylinder engines with features not found elsewhere. No-Tool Flip-Up Hoods For best in class access to inside of machine plus improved belt service access.

We covered the details of this new Vanguard and new pl201 of Vanguard engine in a prior article. Gold-plated connectors with a clear USB 2.

Next Gen PL2501 Ser. 25” Width Hydro-Drive Aerator

The two hoods are locked in place with large plastic thumb-screws, so no tools are necessary for access. Simple, durable screw-in design makes service fast. This mechanism fully resembles the crankshaft of a typical combustion engine, and each Tine connects much like a connecting rod on a crankshaft.

I can just envision the first engineer thinking: Reduces fatigue, increases productivity and provides enhanced traction while aerating on hills.

PL inch Billy Goat Lawn Aerator Preview Aerating a lawn is not rocket surgery, hence it can be accomplished in a variety of means.