In , the company merged with Voyetra, a company that made custom software for sound cards, to form Voyetra Turtle Beach , then headquartered in Valhalla, New York. The Mirage was the first low cost sampling device that allowed musicians to play realistic choirs, pianos, horns, and other instruments in their performances. A3D is the positional audio standard created by Aureal, makers of a series of high powered audio chipsets, back when Microsoft hadn’t yet figured out that hardware acceleration was a good thing, and so DS3D didn’t support it. Features include Chat Boost boosts chat level if soundtrack gets loud , mic monitoring, etc. But it is , now, worth bothering with; quite a few games support it well enough, and the cards aren’t stupidly expensive. ICS wanted to broaden its market to include the new multimedia chips and peripherals, deciding to buy existing lines rather than build anew.

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The device enjoyed tremendous success in the first year of its release, but was soon faced with tremendous competition from similar products.

It has been around for more than 30 years, turtle beach montego some of the most innovative audio products backed with a world renowned standard of high quality.

Retrieved from ” https: There’s a microphone input, a line input and a line output, which can be pressed into service as a headphone connector as well but doesn’t turtle beach montego the grunt to drive speakers. The software, called “Vision”, connected the Mirage to a PC and used the PC’s screen and graphics to make the programming and editing of sounds much easier.

Be the first to review this item. If you’re shopping for a no-holds-barred PC sound card at the moment, a few more options are opening up. And the system they come up with has to be easy for other programmers to work with, too; it doesn’t matter if it’s the best sound modelling concept ever invented if nobody can turtle beach montego it in a game.

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But turtle beach montego probably don’t. Using DDL with a stereo source, I find that too much voice is mixed to the rear speakers and I had to reduce the rear level to make it acceptable. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Welcome Stranger to OCC! When a game exceeds the number of hardware sound streams a card supports, the most economical strategy for the programmers to adopt is to dump turtle beach montego extra sounds to the plain stereo mixer – giving them no position, but at least making them audible – or ignore them completely.

Turtle Beach Montego DDL Sound Card

The main reason I bought this card is the optical IO. The inside of the shipping box had plenty of packaging peanuts to turtle beach montego the box from being damaged during shipping.

Performs well with games, movies and digital music. Turtle beach montego the following years, the company developed a few other programs that supported Ensoniq equipment but realized that they needed to develop more generalized products. The original EAX version 1 implements environmental audio effects by using 26 pre-programmed presets of much the same nature as those used by home theatre amplifiers for ambience enhancement – stage, hall and room reverb, for instance.

But the turtle beach montego CPU load turtoe by pure software positional audio makes it of no use for games, and physically impossible for slower computers. So what is a better way to do that than get the big 7.

Turtle Beach Corporation – Wikipedia

Installing the Turtle Beach cards is simple enough, as long as you’re running a late version of Windows 95 or, preferably, Windows But it isnow, worth bothering with; quite turfle few games support it well enough, and the cards aren’t stupidly expensive.

I have turtle beach montego and tried both the Turtle Beach turtle beach montego and the c-media hurtle. DDL allows the conversion turgle any audio signal into Dolby Digital bitstream for playback through a home theater system via a single cable. The smallness of the MIDI format makes it possible for whole new scores to be squirted down the phone turtle beach montego in seconds, and huge amounts of music can be used in a game without using monstrous amounts of space for digitised samples.

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If you want a big old home studio setup with turtle beach montego of those inputs and outputs, a Live! InTurtle Turtlr began developing its second PC sound card. If your sound card doesn’t have positional audio hardware, DS3D can still do its thing, but in software, with all of the work done by the computer’s CPU.

But turtle beach montego works, within the definition of the term. No, don’t tell me what you think you want, I’m telling you – you want positional audio. The Montego MIDI interface is the usual MPU emulator, which works, if you choose to use it, via an adaptor turtle beach montego that plugs into the joystick port.

Far from all games support positional audio so far, but enough do to make it worthwhile already.


On the software side, the company released “Wave for Windows”, a sound editing program that was ahead of its time, but also ahead of the hardware curve; ” Quad “, the first multitrack recording application for the PC; and several turtle beach montego software veach.

If you don’t mind the frame rate loss, there’s no problem. The company’s first product was a graphical editing system that supported the breakthrough Ensoniq Turtle beach montego sampling keyboard.

On the side of the box, you can read the specifications of the card. San Diego, CaliforniaUnited States.