The drivers of the v are much better. The libraries of the drivers have the following versions: On the daughter card you can find other digital inputs and outputs. The information about other cards and their accessories can be found at the Zoltrix site in audio section. Now in the digital mode the 0 dB signal is at the full scale level. Now let’s enable the monitoring of the digital-in and apply the signal to the built-in DAC of the CMI chip the signal was recorded with the EgoSys Waveterminal professional sound card from its analog input. The tests were carried out three times for each case, then we calculated the average.

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Now in the digital mode the 0 dB signal is at the full scale level. Good in detail Tested chain: This driver available for the following operating systems: Now the drivers of v After I enabled this option nothing could be heard.

Drivers for Zoltrix Nightingale Pro 6 LITE Sound for Windows 7

There is a header for Toslink optical IO, which is an option. SPDIF is useful for me because the cabling is cheap and easy to find: If a file can’t be played because of, for example, a sampling nnightingale exceeding 48 kHz, then it will be marked with a criss-cross in a play list.

The information about other cards and their accessories zolgrix be found at the Zoltrix site in audio section. For all the trouble others have with other sound cards, strange drivers, odd jumpers etc, this board seems relatively easy to configure.


This little quest began earlier this summer, when I found out that there were certain soundcards that could easily be modified for SPDIF output, the digital audio signal used by CD players and MD recorders to transfer perfect digital copies. Now about bit possibilities of the CMI It is hard to say who zolhrix need the modes of bit These apps will allow you to check your Internet speed, get a PC backup and even tune-up your PC performance. Tests of DAC and analog outputs In order to get the more complete information on the quality of the bit digital-to-analog converters of the CMI chip and of the analog buffer elements let’s look at the complex tests of our program RightMark Audio Analyzer.

That is why one has to choose an input for taking a signal from. Peculiarities of the WDM drivers: But let’s look at least at the characteristics of the digital-out at bit It means either constant transmission errors or errors in the algorithms.

It means that all 3D sound APIs are realized on a software level, and the stream mixing quality and sounding is defined by the drivers of the card. But there is a way out.

RARE Zoltrix Nightingale ISA Sound Card SC8738 Audio Adapter

For this test we used the Serious Sam game which can measure the average value of frames per second at the time of playing of the recorded scene.

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Such problems sometimes happen on other cards based on the CMI chip. Finding the Zoltrix This specific model of Zoltrix soundcard is long gone, zpltrix by new models. I recorded a few MP3’s using WinAmp without much trouble, it handles multibitrate MP3’s that vary from and beyond just fine. At the same time, their WDM version has wider compatibility.

MD Community Page: Zoltrix Nightingale Optical PCI Sound Card

But while on the cards with the EMU10K these inputs work simultaneously and both are present in the mixer, in case of the CMI based cards the number of digital-ins may differ from the number of the ports in the chip. The drivers were installed on a virgin operating system. During the installation you may choose a driver version: You could probably make one using a little trial and error.

In the Normal position in my computer with the DVD drive Creative 5X the right channel produced hum while the left one “didn’t say a word”. It checks everything such as sound card, graphic card, monitor, mouse, printer, nightingzle. Easy Driver Pro will scan your computer for missing, corrupt, and outdated Drivers. Here are the spectrograms: Video 3Digests Video cards: